An Inclusive Workplace

Boulstrup, Denmark facility—Inclusive Workplace of the Year
Boulstrup, Denmark facility
Inclusive Workplace of the Year

Our Boulstrup, Denmark, branch was named “Inclusive Workplace of the Year” in 2014 by the local employment council.

The award is given annually to a company that shows great social responsibility and makes an effort to include employees with special needs. The employment council includes the Organization of Medical Doctors, Danish Handicap Organizations, Development Odder and the municipality of Odder.

The award was presented to Simpson Strong-Tie by the council chairman, Vice Mayor in Odder Niels Rosenberg, who spoke about the positive experiences the job consultants in Odder municipality have with Simpson Strong-Tie:

“The job consultants rarely get a rejection when they contact Simpson Strong-Tie about a person who needs [a job] to help them move on with his/her life. The help could consist of an internship to clarify the work ability of a person so that the person is given the right support to get along with life afterwards. Simpson Strong-Tie has helped citizens who have been out of work for a longer period of time — citizens who have needed to work in a place that could expand their qualifications, but also a place accommodating enough to rebuild their confidence. Simpson Strong-Tie has not only taken in interns, but has often taken the social responsibility all the way by hiring the interns afterwards. Simpson Strong-Tie has also succeeded in keeping employees with work-related issues, for instance by offering flexible jobs.”

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